12.12.2021 Chris Moffat

SafeCoin Weekly Public Meeting Summary | December 12th 2021

Every Sunday, SafeCoin holds a public development meeting to keep the community up to date on the weekly happenings. Here is a summary of our meeting from Sunday December 12th.

SafeTrade completes Major Upgrade

  • The SafeTrade Team has completed the long awaited upgrade, adding support for three Stablecoins; USDC-SPL, USDT, and DAI.
  • This upgrade also brings compatibility for Solana based tokens, as well as ERC-20 tokens. There are only a handful of exchanges worldwide with the ability to list Solana tokens, so this is a great accomplishment by the SafeTrade Team.
  • Another great update is the sharing of addresses by network. All Solana based tokens will share the user’s Solana Deposit address, meaning Deposits will be much easier to keep track of, and the same will be implemented on ERC-20 as well.
  • Another upgrade for SafeTrade is planned for this week, which will bring a whole new custom UI, as well as liquidity sharing across exchanges.

SafeCoin DEX listings

  • Team Member Shaun has been quietly working on DEX listings for SafeCoin. There are no “official” announcements yet for listings, but once there are liquidity providers set up, the Team will announce the specifics.


Multiple DEX Releases Development continues

  • SafeSwap and Safely development continues, and the infrastructure is growing rapidly. Watch for more new coming soon on these releases.

SafeCoin Development Team continues to grow

  • This time one year ago, SafeCoin consisted of one full time developer, and a team of dedicated volunteers striving to produce the best community coin in the industry. Today, the project has a great number of developers working on all aspects of the ecosystem. The amazing growth seen in the past year with SafeCoin is building a lot of excitement for the next 12 months!

There is a lot of behind the scenes development going on this week. The Team is overloaded with projects, and anyone wishing to help out would be greatly appreciated! As a Community Project, we need the community to be heavily involved in building, in dApps, How-To materials, etc.

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