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Everyone needs to look things up once in a while. Or are you just curious? No matter what. Here you will find all the relevant information for setting up your Ledger up to validator set up instructions.

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How to use your Ledger with SafeCoin

Getting SafeCoin on your wallet is quite simple. Just install the SafeCoin app on your ledger and then connect it with your wallet.

We guide you through the steps with our step by tutorial you, so that you will get to know how to use your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X with SafeCoin.

Step by tutorial

Create a SafeCoin wallet

Creating your own SafeCoin wallet is not that complicated –and it's for free too. Within minutes you will be an wallet owner and be able to stake SafeCoins.

We will guide you through the steps. Let's have a try!

Step by tutorial

Create a SafeTrade wallet

Creating your own SafeTrade wallet is not that complicated –and for free too. Within minutes you will be an wallet owner and be able to get SafeCoins easily.

We will guide you through the steps. Let's have a try!

Step by tutorial

SafeCoin tokens

You are interested in minting a token on the SafeCoin network? With our instructions you will get every information you need to set up your token on the SafeCoin network. 

VPS set up and configuration as well as wallet files, SafeCoin library and finally building the token: we guide you through the six parts towards your own SafeCoin token. 

Get your SafeCoin token

Validator set up

You need more information about setting up your validator? This is where you will find it.

With these instructions you can set up your SafeCoin validator, either a full history node or a pruned node. 

Set up your validator

Understanding validators

What is a SafeCoin validator? Which validators formats can be used and what are the advantages of it compared to Solana? We introduce you to the world of SafeCoin validators.

And of course we do answer one of your most important questions: How much rewards can you expect by validating SafeCoin.

Understanding validators

Frequently asked questions

More documentary and tutorial issues that could come to your mind.

What is SafeCoin?

SafeCoin is the first community version of solanas blockchain. Therefore, it is a proof of stake cryptocurrency that is fast, environmentally friendly, private, accessible and affordable. It can be scaled up easily, which is why it is the foundation of all SafeCoin projects. 

Learn more about SafeCoin

What do I need to run as SafeCoin validator?

To run as SafeCoin validator you need a CPU with 2 Core with AVX support, a minimum 8GB memorycard, 20GB (for pruned) or 2TB (for full-history) and bandwidth of minimum 5 Mbps. For further information see also what we propose on staking SafeCoin.

Besides, we strongly recommend you to take a look at our validator set up instructions to get more information on how to set up your validator.

Where can I buy a SafeCoin Nano Ledger?

You can, in example, buy your SafeCoin branded Ledger in our SafeShop

What is the difference between a pruned and a full-history validator?

Running a full-history node on the network helps increase the decentralization of SafeCoin. A full-history node records and maintains a full copy of the SafeCoin ledger.

Besides, there are some differences in the hardware requirements, with the pruned one being less demanding in terms of ssd capacity.