21.11.2021 Chris Moffat

SafeCoin Weekly Public Meeting Summary | November 21st 2021

Every Sunday, SafeCoin holds a public development meeting to keep the community up to date on the weekly happenings. Here is a summary of our meeting from Sunday November 21st.

There is one outstanding item on the SAFE schedule: Safe.Trade update.

Safe.Trade Update

  • Safe.Trade anticipates having their upgrade out this week. This will allow USDC-SPL and Solana-based SPL-Tokens to be listed. Users will then be able to use USDC-SPL as an additional trading avenue for SafeCoin.


SafeCoin Upgrade to 1.7.17

  • An update to the SafeCoin code base happened earlier this week. So far we are at +90% Stake on the new version. This update will enable the bootstrap node to be taken offline finally. Anyone staking towards that node (Vote Account) should delegate towards a different Validator immediately. This update also lowered Voting Fees for Validators, as well as hard coding the 36m maximum supply.


SafeCoin branded Ledger Nano S Released

  • Ledger update has arrived. You can now utilize your Ledger device to store and stake your SafeCoins. Here is a general walk-through on connecting your Ledger to the SafeCoin wallets. The Store should open within a day or two. The first logistics center will be able to service the EU and UK easily. Look for a North American option soon. The ultimate goal is to have an “Amazon-type” store open to SafeCoin transactions.

Powerledger + SafeCoin News

  • News went live this week about a working agreement between Powerledger and SafeCoin. POWR is implementing a fork of SafeCoin’s latest consensus (1.7.17) and creating a Private Chain for their network. They wanted to use SafeCoin due to the energy efficiency of the codebase.
  • The ongoing work between POWR and SAFE is necessary for both chains to push forward.
  • Watch for many more announcements from POWR and SAFE.

Multiple DEX Launches On-Schedule

  • SafeSwap DEX will be the traditional DEX launch, with build in AMM swapping, as well as a planned order book trading page.
  • Safely DEX will launch along side SafeSwap, but will fall under a regulated umbrella. Many more unreleased details to come.


There is a lot of behind the scenes development going on this week. The Team is overloaded with projects, and anyone wishing to help out would be greatly appreciated! As a Community Project, we need the community to be heavily involved in building, in dApps, How-To materials, etc.

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