31.10.2021 Chris Moffat

SafeCoin Weekly Public Meeting Summary | October 31st 2021

Every Sunday, SafeCoin holds a public development meeting to keep the community up to date on the weekly happenings. Here is a summary of our meeting from Sunday October 31st.

Safe.Trade Update

  • Safe.Trade anticipates having their upgrade out this week. This will allow USDC-SPL and Solana-based SPL-Tokens to be listed. Users will then be able to use USDC-SPL as an additional trading avenue for SafeCoin.

Additional Explorer Online

Staking Upgrade

  • The staking site Stake.SafeCoin.org will be upgraded soon. It will improve the staking process, and reduce errors in staking.

SafeCoin Upgrade to 1.7.15

  • An update to the SafeCoin codebase is coming soon as well, possibly later this week. This will enable the bootstap node to be taken offline finally. Anyone staking towards that node (Vote Account) should delegate towards a different Validator immediately. This update will also lower Voting Fees for Validators, as well as hard coding the 36m maximum supply.

There is a lot of behind the scenes development going on this week. The Team is overloaded with projects, and anyone wishing to help out would be greatly appreciated! As a Community Project, we need the community to be heavily involved in building, in dApps, How-To materials, etc.

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