13.09.2021 Chris Moffat

SafeCoin Weekly Public Meeting Summary | September 12th 2021

Every Sunday, SafeCoin holds a public development meeting to keep the community up to date on the weekly happenings. Here is a summary of our meeting from Sunday September 12th.

Wormhole Development Continues

  • Jeff has been mainly focusing on finalizing the Wormhole environment. If there are any developers who are free and want to help, that would be appreciated. Progressing well considering the complexity. This isn’t a common thing with an instruction book. Once completed, SafeCoin will be one of only a handful of blockchains with an active, functional Wormhole to Ethereum, Terra, and BSC, with more chains to follow.

Potential Partnerships

  • A larger corporation has reached out to Jeff to help out with their Solana based project, this will help SafeCoin considerably with some potential promotional return.


  • Ara has been working on our UI, put together a really nice vector for our logo.
  • Metacharles working on smart contracts for our DEX, SafeSwap. Work with the consensus is getting some great recognition. This will be included in the next update version of SafeCoin.
  • Ledger integration is moving along, more information coming soon.
  • Martin has published a number of articles on Medium. He has a few more releases coming this week.
  • Tokens and Programs are live on chain now. Looking for testers.

Overall it was a very busy and productive week. Jeff hopes to have Wormhole activated on chain this week, and then focus will move to Marketing and SafeSwap development.

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