18.09.2019 Chris Moffat

Mine Ravencoin and earn SafeCoin, here’s how.

You heard that right. With the introduction of SafeNodes, Raven miners now have two simple choices:

  1. Mine Ravencoin, earn Ravencoin.
  2. Mine Ravencoin, earn Ravencoin, and earn SafeCoin too.

Why we incentivize the strengthening of Ravencoin’s hashrate:

In the simplest and most truthful terms, we are stronger together. SafeNodes are facilitating the next logical evolution of decentralized cryptocurrency security: A higher level of decentralization that allows independant decentralized networks to remain completely independant while at the same time working together to strengthen cryptocurrency security as a whole. Through this method freedom, independence, creativity and innovation are supported by diverse projects around the world, protecting each other as they grow. We are building an open protocol for this, the MATCH protocol, which operates through a method called cross-chain linking. For more information about how this works, please see our Match Protocol Introduction.

Why we choose Ravencoin:

Ravencoin, right from its whitepaper on, has embraced the belief that blockchain can have many stores of value (assets), only limited by the amount of innovation and creativity humanity is capable of. This belief is in their writings, it is in their famously passionate community, and it is at the core of their blockchain.

The entire premise of the MATCH protocol is that having one cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is entirely insufficient for security or to realise the decentralized dreams of Satoshi Nakamoto. Simply put, if it were any other way Satoshi wouldn’t have open sourced it.

Ravencoin has repeatedly demonstrated a conviction to decentralization through Asic Resistance, open community, and a CypherPunk mentallity which has advanced crypto to a much greater existence. All of this is a show of strength, a demonstration of the power of decentralization while at the same time showing tremendous community and togetherness. We share this conviction and we believe Ravencoin will be a lasting, evolving leader in crypto. For all these reasons, we believe it is important to support them and also believe they will be a true source of protection for may years to come. Ravencoin has published consideration of cross-chain linking themselves, and highlighted to issues: centralization, and requirement to pay. We believe we are solving both of these issues. Not just for SafeCoin, but for crypto as a whole.

Why we choose Minermore:

SafeCoin and Ravencoin do not “touch” or “depend” on each other. They will always be independent projects evolving through the creative resources of their communities. Instead, cross-chain linking will be facilitated by an unlimited number of participants who may link with an unlimited number of blockchains.

For SafeNodes, the first incentivized cross-chain linking to Ravencoin will be facilitated by Minermore. This has involved an incredible amount of work, coordination, testing, and improvement. We cannot thank Traysi enough for what is a pure passion to simply make the dream of crypto come true. On an entirely volunteer basis Traysi has put in unimagineable hours of highly valuable expertise into Ravencoin, SafeNodes, Ritocoin, and many many other crypto projects purely out of conviction and passion. Most recently, a planned network upgrade for Raven which will uphold its Asic Resistance.

It goes without saying that Minermore pool is and will be a highly popular and successful pool for Raven and other coins now, and in the future. Not only because of tireless contributions, but because of a highly advanced, DDOS-resistant mining platform written and customized from scratch with community, reliability, performance, security (our favourite), communication, and respect in mind.

We want SafeNodes to be for everyone, but we are extremely proud to have Raven and Minermore as the starting point to the MATCH protocol.

How to set yours up:

Looking to get Your rewards for mining Raven? Follow these simple steps here, and join us anytime on discord!