15.06.2020 Chris Moffat

SafeCoin Magna Carta Release — Sapling Activation Successful

SafeCoin was founded on the principles of safety, security and privacy. For some time, our privacy features were disabled when a bug was discovered in Zcash’s privacy protocol. Today, all that changes and we are proud to report that SafeCoin’s privacy features have been restored.

SafeCoin Sapling addresses are accessible via all our wallet offerings including QT, and have been released on the Anniversary of Magna Carta:

Meaning “The great charter.”
Magna Carta has lived on for 800 years and is echoed out worldwide, including the United States Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. What started out as a document of specific complaints from a group of barons has turned into an international symbol of liberty. Without it, we might not have the right we value so much today. Most significant to Magna Carta was the granting of economic freedoms to consumers and merchants. The understanding that every human has a right to safe and secure commerce.

With the activation of SafeCoin’s Sapling pool, individuals are provided their right to choose between transparent and private commerce.

We do not dictate that every financial transaction must be made public knowledge. Likewise, we do not dictate that every transaction must be private. Rather, we believe each individual inherently has this choice and SafeCoin enables them with this right.

In terms of technology, SafeCoin’s sapling uses Zero Knowledge Proofs developed by Zcash and is simply the most private, yet efficient technology existing in the space.

If you agree with these freedoms and rights, and you want to make a difference in the world with blockchain, please join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Hmk98Pd and say hello :)

Please Stay Tuned! There is still much, much more for us to share about our Magna Carta Release, from SafeContracts, to SafeChains, to SafeTokens and SafeNode upgrades :)

And with that, here is the first Sapling Transaction on the SafeCoin blockchain:

./safecoin-cli z_getnewaddress


./safecoin-cli z_sendmany “RnWdsBNC5uu4ic2CjqMU8dJUcmpUbMpUbM” ‘[{“address”: “safe1824c9nxrmdc9agh3ydu4hzkze2f8a2065sptj8qeu958ltl6smv2a2atzstlrf0d535uz0mufcc” ,”amount”: 0.1}]’


./safecoin-cli z_getoperationstatus

{ “id”: “opid-974d103a-f611–4e9e-b592-f4ee31cc9420”, “status”: “success”, “creation_time”: 1592202979, “result”: { “txid”: “25b99085de4389ed2886a26c81d87eeabe33620da4086e2e68db72bc2cd252db” }, “execution_secs”: 0.301525721, “method”: “z_sendmany”, “params”: { “fromaddress”: “RnWdsBNC5uu4ic2CjqMU8dJUcmpUbMpUbM”, “amounts”: [ { “address”: “safe1824c9nxrmdc9agh3ydu4hzkze2f8a2065sptj8qeu958ltl6smv2a2atzstlrf0d535uz0mufcc”, “amount”: 0.1 } ], “minconf”: 1, “fee”: 0.0001 } }