Announcements 13.11.2021

Mandatory Validator Update to 1.7.17

SafeCoin has released a new version, 1.7.17, with a host of new and updated features.

Announcements 22.09.2021

SafeCoin ERC-20 Token Trading has arrived!

We are pleased to announce our support of a 1:1 SAFE backed ERC-20 token, with a supply of 360,000 ( 1% of total SafeCoin supply ) :

Announcements 26.08.2021

SafeCoin Monthly Update | August 2021

The SafeCoin Project has a lot of development going on this month!

Announcements 06.04.2021

Important Notice: SafeCoin Swaps to customized Solana Codebase, “Community Edition”

We have some very exciting news for SafeCoin! SafeCoin is now based on a customized Solana blockchain implementation. The world’s first and only “Community Edition” of Solana offers industrial grade speed, performance, interoperability, and…

Announcements 15.08.2020

SafeCoin has whipped up some Raspberry Pi just for you!

Get SafeCoin on your ARM64: We have some great news for Raspberry Pi lovers and not, SafeCoin is now supported on on ARM64, including but not limited to: Raspberry Pi 4 Raspberry Pi 3 Odroid-N2 Odroid-C2 MACCHIATObin Pine64

Announcements 26.07.2020

Introducing SafeChains

Introducing SafeChains: The most secure way to start a fair launch proof of work cryptocurrency

Announcements 15.06.2020

SafeCoin Magna Carta Release — Sapling Activation Successful

SafeCoin was founded on the principles of safety, security and privacy. For some time, our privacy features were disabled when a bug was discovered in Zcash’s privacy protocol. Today, all that changes and we are proud to report that SafeCoin’s…

Announcements 06.02.2020

What’s your Use-Case?

SafeCoin’s second iteration of “Proof-of-SAFE” has come to a close, and the team received some great entries! This time around the prizes were even larger, which really pushed the community to deliver some fantastic use-cases for SafeCoin in the real…

Announcements 29.12.2019

Proof of Safe: Starting 2020 with use-cases for SafeCoin cryptocurrency

One of the most talked about topics in cryptocurrency space is “use-case.” I think that most people in crypto agree that mass adoption is the goal of cryptocurrencies in general, with each project hoping to make themselves a household name. Use cases…

Announcements 30.11.2019

SafeTrade 2 Approaches to meet the needs of future financial exchange

Calgary, Canada- Today, one of Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchanges has announced a significant upgrade to the exchange’s software and servers. Safe.Trade will be migrating to an enhanced platform on: Sunday December 1st at…