30.11.2019 Chris Moffat

SafeTrade 2 Approaches to meet the needs of future financial exchange

Calgary, Canada- Today, one of Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchanges has announced a significant upgrade to the exchange’s software and servers. Safe.Trade https://safe.trade/ will be migrating to an enhanced platform on: Sunday December 1st at 2000 UTC (1500 EST).
No action is required for users as accounts will be fully migrated.

Please join us and many of your favourite projects in a Livestream meeting two hours prior to the migration (1800 UTC or 1300 EST) as the future of Cryptocurrency exchange (especially for privacy projects) is discussed. Project representatives will be asked to provide feedback on how they see their blockchains traded in the future, what their expectations are from exchanges, and what they hope to see .

The new exchange will feature a sleek and modern user interface (UI) with a robust and fast back-end. The new UI will allow users to customize their view, with drag-and-drop window placement, improved charting and lightning fast order placements. The improved server and back-end will sustain much higher trade volume, faster connections and faster trade executions. The software and hardware upgrades will place Safe.Trade among the top echelon of cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, and will allow for additional features to be implemented as the exchange grows and customer needs dictate. Visit https://beta.safe.trade/ for a glimpse.

SafeTrade is looking forward to building the security and usefulness of all of cryptocurrency as a whole. For more information, be sure to checkout SafeCoin/SafeTrade on discord and the SafeCoin website here.