12.05.2019 Chris Moffat

Welcome to SafePay by SafeCoin.

Introducing a Brand New cryptocurrency wallet from the SafeCoin team.

SafePay is a multi-project cryptocurrency wallet for your mobile phone

SafePay makes your crypto payments Safe & Secure for Safecoin, and all your favorite cryptocurrencies in the SafeCoin and SafeTrade ecosystem. An enhanced Copay application with full multi-signature capabilities.

Group together with your friends and family to split the bill, or send and receive multiple currencies, direct from your phone.

Available NOW on google play store :- https://t.co/swYRekBSyk

with IOS version incoming really soon.

Visit us across our platforms and join in the discussion!

Discord: https://discord.gg/c6xgAe

Telegram: https://t.me/SafeCoinEN

Website: https://safecoin.org/

Exchange: https://safe.trade/