06.02.2020 Chris Moffat

What’s your Use-Case?

SafeCoin’s second iteration of “Proof-of-SAFE” has come to a close, and the team received some great entries! This time around the prizes were even larger, which really pushed the community to deliver some fantastic use-cases for SafeCoin in the real world.

There is no hype in this contest, there is no pump. There are only real people exchanging real goods and services using only SafeCoin. No fiat, no tricks. They are spreading SafeCoin’s use case often by word of mouth, in a Safe, Secure and private demonstration.



The Third-Place entry came from Team Member Mofatness. He is the General Manager of a golf club and has incorporated SafeCoin (as well as Bitcoin) into their POS system. He has engaged in many conversations about cryptocurrency with customers, as well as piquing interest in SafeCoin.

One of these customers decided to take advantage of the business accepting crypto as payment, and chose to purchase a full round of golf, golf balls, souvenirs, and drinks using SafeCoin!


The Second-Place entry also comes from a Team Member; Martin. He was feeling hungry a few weeks ago and ordered some Dominos. When the delivery guy came, they struck up a conversation about accepting crypto as a tip. The driver was interested, and Martin was able to chat up SafeCoin and SafePay, and how fast and easy it is to use.

The driver was very impressed with the ease of use, and accepted SafeCoin as a tip! Martin has since stayed in contact with the driver, chatting about crypto and SafeCoin.



The Top Prize is awarded to community member Cory! He purchased a 1mg CBD Cartridge using SafeCoin, and created a great video by using SafePay. He was able to show off just how easy SafePay is to use, and how fast the transaction appeared in the recipient’s SafePay address. Cory did an excellent job showcasing SafeCoin and SafePay, and providing a video demonstrating just how easy it is to use SafeCoin in the real world.