Create a wallet for SafeCoins

Get your Safecoin SPL Token wallet

Creating a SafeCoin wallet is not that complicated and it allows you to buy and stake SafeCoins easily. You can do it within minutes and it's for free. In this manual we will guide you through the steps with. Let's go!

Part 1 – Save seed words 

  • First, enter into your browser and go to the website. 
  • You will immediately find the following text that will start with "Create new wallet". 
  • Write down the combination of 24 words from the "seed words" field and keep this combination in a safe place. These seed words are your only way to restore your wallet once the browser storage is cleaned if you run the wallet on the computer.
  • Click on the checkbox "I have saved these words in a safe place". 
  • Download the backup of the Mnemonic files if you need them. 
  • Press the continue button. 

Part 2 – Create your password

  • In the next step create your own password to increase security for your wallet. 
  • To do this, enter a password of your choice and repeat it. 
  • Make sure that the password meets the highest security requirements and use a password generator if necessary.
  • Click on "create wallet".

Part 3 – Wallet overview

  • In the next browser window you will already be able to see your wallet. 
  • You will find your SafeCoin balance in the upper left corner, as well as your wallet ID, which you may need when  you want to transfer SafeCoin to your wallet.
  • You can now receive or send SafeCoins. 
  • You want to transfer your coins to your Ledger Nano? Then have a look at our detailed tutorial "How to use your Ledger Nano with SafeCoin".