How to use your Ledger Nano with SafeCoin

A Tutorial on how to use your secure hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S/Nano X)

There are two parts in this step by tutorial, how to install the Safecoin app on the ledger device and then how to use the Ledger Nano with the SafeCoin wallet. A big thanks to @El’the from the community for providing the guide!

You are still searching how to create a wallet for SafeCoin? Have a look in our tutorial, please.

Part 1: Install the Safecoin app on the Ledger Nano

1) First open the Ledger Live application and enable the Developer mode in the Settings, in the “Experimental features” section.

2) Connect your Ledger device and open the “Manager” section.

3) In the App catalog search for “Safecoin”. Be aware of the “Experimental” tag on the bottom left of the application. This is the Setting we enabled in the first step to be able to install the Safecoin application (which is currently in developer mode).

4) After installing the application it should be shown successfully in the manager under “Apps installed”

Part 2: Connect the Ledger Nano with the Safecoin wallet

1) Now everything is done with the Ledger live application. To actually use the Safecoin app, open up theSafecoin web walletin a browser window. You have toconnect to some wallet (you can also create a new one with no coins in it).

2) After logging in, click the “Account” on the top left and click “Import Hardware Wallet”.

3) This shows a new dialog. Now make sure your Ledger Nano is connected to your PC and open up the Safecoin app.

4) When opening the app on the Ledger Nano, it shows a “Pending Ledger review” notice. Acknowledge this message by pressing both buttons on the device.

This finally opens the Safecoin application on the Ledger.

5) Now click “Continue” in the web wallet. This brings up a new dialog where you can select your Ledger device. Select it and click “Connect”.

6) When connecting the ledger the web wallet shows a dialog with the address derived from the ledger. click on it to continue.

7) Now you have to confirm this address on your ledger device. Click the button through the address and compare it if it is correct. Finally, submit it on your Ledger device.

You now can receive and send Safecoin secured by a Ledger Nano device!