Announcements 29.08.2019

Introducing SafeNodes: Phase One

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of SafeNodes, Phase I. If you’ve been waiting and want to set up your node, click here.

Announcements 17.07.2019

Want to claim your Ycash?

The fork will be happening at block height 570,000 and everyone holding Zcash ($ZEC) at the time of the fork will receive the same amount of Ycash ($YEC). It’s crucial to either have access to the private keys, or have your balance on a supporting…

Announcements 02.07.2019

Introducing SafeTrade 2.0

When SafeNodes? For many months now, Team SAFE has been quietly working on a number of projects alongside the disclosed SafeNodes to provide a next-generation SAFE Ecosystem. We were able to unveil the first of these with SafePay. Now, we are…

Announcements 30.05.2019

SafeNodes! Collateral funding begins!

Greetings, Team SAFE is thrilled to announce the beginning of the SafeNodes setup process: SafeNodes Key Creation and Funding. The beginning of making crypto better and Safer for everyone with the MATCH protocol.

Announcements 12.05.2019

Welcome to SafePay by SafeCoin.

Introducing a Brand New cryptocurrency wallet from the SafeCoin team.

Announcements 15.04.2019

Introducing the MATCH Protocol for SafeNodes

SafeCoin, the project behind SafeTrade’s flagship base trading pair, has been hard at work developing the world’s first Multi-Asset Transactional Consensus Hardening (MATCH) protocol, which introduces SafeNodes. The MATCH protocol is already active…

Announcements 02.04.2019

SafeNodes Introduction: Securing the Future of Crypto

SafeTrade’s flagship base pair, SafeCoin, is extremely pleased to announce Successful testing implementation of SafeNodes on mainnet. SafeNodes offer decentralized solutions that not only our community, but all of crypto, needs and deserves right…